welcome to a life full of nonsense

This time my tears are for you

I need my time alone. away. gone.


Utter Disappointment.

As I sat there knowing the answer. I couldn’t but feel the sudden disappointment. That drop in the middle of your chest that you can’t stop from happening. I kept quiet for awhile, smiling to hide my emotion at that current moment. I just knew I was wrong, that I judged the whole situation from a dreamer’s standpoint. A hopeful dreamer, a hopeless romantic. I couldn’t even begin to say what I feel now. Do I ignore and plow through or do I recognise it as it is and just leave it?

Bloody bloody disappointed

Thank you. Thank you all.

20082008 My birthday. Thank you Dee so much and thanks for the pictures. Thanks to Julien, Godwin, Johnson, Kahseng, Ah Tim, Geri and Geri, Melissa, Kirz, Karen, Richard and Anthony, Dora and Josie, Sam and Alvin and the staff of Shamrock. It meant to me more than u think.

Dee and Me 20082008

Dee and Me 20082008

Dreaming for a slice of heaven.

Gasping for air.

I woke up today. Wheazing when I breathe. have to pull in deep breathes to breath or whatever i really dont care the spelling is. im having a hard to time to think. im only able to take some air after a cough. or me slugging the phlegm out of my throat. so sorry forĀ  not givin a fuck about my spelling and my blatant use of lowercase is also excusable.

UPDATE : Turned out to be an athsma attack. The first one in ages actually. Took the meds, feeling week. Getting some rest. Also first time I feel good for the past few days

A plug : Wiredpunk

Wiredpunk Media Addict. Address Below.

Blow me.

I’ve been cooped up at home for the past few days. Rarely going out.

No….. nothing to fear about, I have nothing to be scared of. I just don’t feel like doing anything – anymore. It’s been HBO, Cinemax, Nickelodeon, Star and I don’t know know what else. I’ve been stuffing my face out on the bed and only getting out to either : watch some TV or getting a shower/pee.

Look. I know I’m just complaining and nagging all the way but seriously, I feel like shit. I really feel like shit. Maybe I’m just frustrated of being accused or I’m just really lonely at this point of my life. I don’t feel like meeting people. I don’t even know what I want anymore. Except maybe WALL-E. Yes, I want to watch WALL-E. I’ll go there by myself for the 12.00pm show tomorrow. If I can get myself to move out of the house.

Mental Note : Double Cheeseburger from MickeyDs.

If it’s meant to be then fuck me.